Maxell DVD-R 4.7GB, 120min, 16x, 50S Wide Printable (275701)


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Maxell DVD-R 4.7GB, 120min, 16x, 50S Wide Printable (275701)

Maxell DVD-R discs are ideal for recording data, text, video, photographs and much more. The write-once DVD ensures stored data cannot be altered and is perfect for archiving files of importance. They feature a recording capacity of up to 4.7GB, 120 minutes of video and have a recording speed of up to 16x compatibility. These single sided discs are durable and well protected against sunlight exposure. Suitable for most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives and recorders that are -R compatible. These printable discs can be personalized using a compatible inkjet printer.

  • Single sided
  • Write once
  • 120 mins video time
  • 4.7GB data
  • Write once
  • 16x speed
  • Durable and stable against sunlight exposure
  • 50 Pack Spindle
  • Printable using a compatible inkjet printer

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