Maxell mini DV kassete 60


160  ден


Record more moments with a Maxell Mini Digital Video Cassette that offers optimal video playback quality. You invested a lot in your miniDV camcorders, so it only makes sense to use the highest quality materials possible during use and playback. A single mini video cassette disk records a full 60 minutes of video, thus extending the time between replacements. Later, during playback, the cassette uses a multi pure-tron evaporated layer to deliver superior audio and video. In fact, the Maxell video cassette has a recording density that's nearly seven times larger than standard VHS, for results that well exceed your expectations. This durable cassette also features an anti-static resin and sealed cover mechanism, which help prevent harmful dust particles from accumulating on the inside. Other fine recording products, like mini digital audio tapes and writable CDs and DVDs, are available separately.