NEVOX USB Type C for Type C USB 2.0 2,0m 20V/5A (100W) Emarker chip IC 2.0M (TC-1654)


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NEVOX USB Type C for Type C USB 2.0 2,0m 20V/5A (100W) Emarker chip IC 2.0M (TC-1654)

The 56KΩ (TYPE C standard) pull-up resistor reliably protects your devices, ensuring safe charging or data transmission.

Reversible, USB Type C makes no distinction between top and bottom. No matter how you insert the plug - it always fits. every time The Type C connector is made from one piece using the latest technology. This means that it has no folded edges and is therefore more durable and robust.

The braided nylon cover offers long service life and prevents tangling. The aluminum housing ensures better heat dissipation. It heats up more slowly and cools down faster than comparable materials.

The Type C cable is rated up to 20V/5A (100W) by using an Emarker chip and has a 56K pull-up resistor. This enables chargers to correctly recognize which charging current is required. Technical data: USB TYPE C to Type C USB2.0 with Emarker chip Supports USB power delivery up to Max 20V/5A (100W) Data transfer rate: 480MBPS USB-IF CERTIFIED: Meets all requirements of the USB International Federation Cable length: 200cm - 2M

  • Type cable
  • colour Gray
  • EAN 4250686406542
  • Manufacturer no. 1654
  • charging function USB Power Delivery (PD) 100 watts
  • application example For charging and synchronizing mobile devices
  • Area data transmission
  • connection from 1x USB-C (male)
  • on 1x USB-C (male)
  • protocol USB2.0
  • taps 2
  • properties external, USB C connector can be used on both sides
  • cable length 2 meters