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TITANUM WIRED STANDARD USB KEYBOARD (TK101) - Comfortable, pleasant to the touch, high qualityUSB keyboard. Sleek design makes it perfect would be composed with other accessory on your desk. Ergonomic design and very good flexibility keys to prevent hand fatigue while typing. The letters and symbols are printed in the latest UV technology and are coated with a special protective layer and the high resistance to abrasion. Made of high quality materials resistant to static electricity. Protected against electromagnetic interference generation.

Cable length: 1.45m
Dimensions: 442x152x22mm
Operating voltage: 5.0 +/- 0.5V
Working current: less than 30mA

Working temperature:
Working temperature range: 0C - 50C
Ambient humidity: 20% ~ 90%

System requirements:
Works with systems: Windows 98/2000 / ME / NT / XP / MS VISTA / Unix / MAC OS 8.6 or higher

It supports all language versions, requires a USB connector