Hama "Premium M8" Shredder, Shredder with Security Level E4 P4 T5


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Hama "Premium M8" Shredder, Shredder with Security Level E4 P4 T5

As fraud increases it is more important than ever to securely destroy documents like account statements, contracts, invoices or debit cards. Don't be a victim of identity theft and keep your personal details secure. Hama's "Premium M8" shredder makes a criminal's life harder.

  • This document shredder is ideal for destroying personal data in paper form in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Plastic cards can also be destroyed via the paper entry slot
  • Cuts paper into extra small scraps which maximizes the bin’s capacity
  • The device shuts itself off automatically to avoid damage on the device
  • High-quality cutters are made of steel and cope with staples

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour: Black / Line: Premium / Product Division: PC & Notebook / Shade of colour: Black
Connectivity (Connection)
Mains Connection220 - 240 V ~ / Electrospecific Properties / Max. Power Consumption 340 W / Term rest time 30 Min. 
Physical Properties 
Capacity (Paper) 20 l / Max. Cutting Speed 2 m/min / Max. Feed Width (Paper) 225 mm / Max. Feed Width (Plastic Cards) 225 mm / Max. Noise Level 70 dB / Max. Permanent Operation 3 Min.
Size & Weight
Width x Depth x Height 36 x 24.5 x 41 cm / Max. Cutting Performance - Sheets of Paper (70 g/m²) 9 / Max. Cutting Performance - Sheets of Paper (80 g/m²) 8 Safety
Protection Class 3 / Security Level (DIN 66399) E-4, P-4, T-5 
Field of Application
Cutting Size (Paper) 3 x 9 mm, Micro-Cut
Cutting Size (Plastic Cards) 3 x 9 mm, Micro-Cut
Field of Application
Office / Private
Shreds Chip Cards, Magnetic Stripes, Paper, Plastic Cards
More product information
Micro-cut shredder for up to 8 sheets of DIN A4 paper (80 gsm) at a time, also shreds plastic cards in the paper intake
Automatic Start / Stop function: the cutting rollers start automatically as soon as the material to be shredded is fed in, and stop as soon as the shredding process is complete
Reverse function: especially useful if a jammed document needs to be released again using the automatic and reverse button
Includes paper basket (20 litres) with viewing window
"Power" function LED
"Overload" function LED
"Overheat" function LED
Safety mechanism prevents operation if the device head is not correctly inserted in the paper basket
What's in the Box
1 "Premium M8" shredder
1 20-litre basket
1 instruction manual
Note for Consumers
Note according to DIN 66399:
Every legal or private person is responsible for the safe destruction of all confidential, personal and sensitive data according to the applicable data protection law. Make sure in your own interest to protect your own or external confidential data against any access by third parties.
This shredder provides data protection for private and office users and is suitable for the GDPR-compliant destruction of personal data.

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