LogiLink® Adapter SATA to IDE + IDE to SATA (AD0008)


650  ден


LogiLink® Converter SATA to IDE & IDE to SATA (AD0008)

With this LogiLink adapter you can connect your IDE and SATA ports with each other. It works in both directions and is set with the switch to the desired function. There are no drivers needed, and the interfaces of both connection sides are standardized.

  • Converter SATA to IDE or backward (bi-directional)
  • Connector 1: SATA male
  • Connector 2: IDE 40-pin female (PATA)
  • For Mainboard, Controller, Harddisk, DVD
  • Conversion Type switch
  • Standardized connectors
  • No drivers needed
  • LED for operation and activity
  • Cable length: 0.35m
  • Included: SATA connection cable