LogiLink® USB-A Audio Adapter 7.1 Sound Effect (UA0078)


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LogiLink® USB-A Audio Adapter 7.1 Sound Effect (UA0078)

The LogiLink USB sound card offers an easy way to connect speakers, microphone, headset or IP telephone to your PC. It can be connected to the USB port of your computer if required and supports plug and play. The adapter simulates a surround sound sound using integrated 7.1 3D sound effects. The status of the connected devices can be monitored using LED control lights.

  • Audio adapter for the USB port
  • Connection: USB 2.0 type A plug
  • Microphone output: 3.5 mm socket
  • Speaker input: 3.5 mm jack
  • LED status display, power supply via USB
  • Simulates 7.1 surround sound effects
  • Virtual speaker shifter
  • Plug & Play