Why choose genuine Canon laser printer cartridges

Some things are made for each other. Canon toner is designed to work seamlessly with Canon printers to provide you with the fast fusing performance and high quality print you expect. Canon toner technology ensures uncompromised results. For beautiful, long lasting print quality, trust Canon engineered toner.

Keep your printer running with high quality prints

Original Canon all-in-one cartridges guarantee superior print quality. They contain all the essential print elements that have a defined life, so when you replace your all-in-one cartridge your machine is virtually as good as new.

Quality assurance

With original Canon cartridges you get the reassurance that each cartridge will provide exceptional performance. Refilled cartridges may not print to the same standard as new Canon cartridges because its internal components may be partially or fully worn out.

Manufacturing and assembling toner cartridges is a complex procedure involving several hundred processes. However Canon has developed a single automated production system which uses state-of-the-art production technology to create the high quality cartridges that our customers expect.

Avoid unsightly lines

The photosensitive drum unit is one of the most sensitive imaging components in the printer. New Canon cartridges ensure that toner does not accumulate on the drum and the fixing roller. This avoids unsightly lines, blurring or grey backgrounds and damage your printer. Original Canon toner guarantees the proper function of the drum unit, resulting in crisp, clean documents very time.

Cleaner workspace

Canon’s exclusive roller-charging technology ensures ozone free emissions. This clean technology is not harmful to human health or the environment and even makes the cartridge more compact as fewer parts are required. In addition all Canon toner and cartridges are non-hazardous. This means that our cartridges do not require special treatment or processing. They can be recycled as part of your normal office waste or you can use our no waste to landfill recycling programme.

Easy to recycle

Genuine cartridges can be recycled using Canon’s no waste to landfill recycling programme. To find out more about the programme, or to request a free return form, visit our Cartridge Recycling page.

Be careful of counterfeit cartridges

Counterfeit Canon cartridges are packaged to appear as though they have been manufactured by Canon or with the consent of Canon but they have not. The manufacture and sale of counterfeit Canon cartridges is illegal. Canon works with customs, police and trading standards authorities to remove counterfeit Canon cartridges from the market and bring those responsible for their manufacture and sale to justice.

The print capacity of counterfeit cartridges that Canon has obtained and tested, ranges from 28% to 69% compared to original Canon cartridges.

Genuine toner cartridges make the difference

Allion Co., Ltd., an external verification agency, conducted tests to determine the difference in print quality between genuine Canon toner cartridges and third party cartridges. The report verifies the benefit of genuine Canon cartridges.

How to recognise genuine toner cartridges

When buying a Canon cartridge always look out for the hologram, with its colour change technology, and the ‘Genuine’ Canon logo on the outside of the package. Then you can be certain that you’ll get the very best print quality from your Canon printer, fax machine or multifunctional device. The phrase "for use in Canon products" does not mean it's an original Canon cartridge.

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