TECHLY ​I-CABINET-30DUTY Универзална станица за полнење на преносни компјутери, таблети и паметни телефони


170000  ден


I-CABINET-30DUTY Универзална станица за полнење на преносни компјутери, таблети и паметни телефон

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I-CABINET-30DUTY has been specially designed as a trolley and universal charging station for notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Its innovative sturdy construction, the electronics dedicated to safety and the secure key locking system make it an ideal solution for offices, computer labs and classrooms where numerous ICT devices must be safely placed and recharged for use during the next day. It is a safe place to store and charge multiple mobile devices at the same time. The closed and ventilated storage area keeps charging devices safe. Thanks to its small size, it can hold up to 30 tablets / iPads, smartphones / iPhones or notebooks in very little space. It is equipped with four solid wheels, two of which with brakes, so that it can be moved and repositioned very easily inside the classroom. The upper external surface allows a comfortable support for notebooks or other electronic equipment and is designed for mounting optional fans.
  • Safety cabinet for notebooks, tablets and smartphones with internal shelves equipped with plastic dividers
  • Equipped with 4 pivoting 5" wheels, 2 of which with brakes
  • Charging station trolley with 3 shelves of 10 places each, for a total of 30 plastic housings with cable gland to conveniently manage the connected cables
  • It has 30 USB type A power ports arranged at the front (DC 5V 2.1A output for each port) and 30 Schuko sockets at the rear
  • Fully assembled, built in 1.5 mm thick steel
  • Ventilated double-leaf front door, with two-point key lock and 180° opening angle
  • Rear with double ventilated hinged door, with two-point key lock and 180° opening angle
  • Fixed side panels equipped with ventilation slots and three 120 x 120 mm cooling fans are arranged on one side
  • Upper shelf suitable for storing documents or notebooks
  • Equipped with external light switch to turn the power on and off and internal 16A magnetothermic
  • Completely assembled, with IEC C20 external socket for electrical connection of the cabinet
  • Equipped with two handy side handles (dim. 44 x 9 cm)
  • Color: white / blue
Technical specifications
  • Equipped with ventilated double-leaf front and rear door with lockable handle
  • Three cooling fans on a side panel to ensure proper air circulation and avoid overheating
  • Features 30 USB power sockets and 3 10-position Schuko multi-sockets
  • Power cable with angled Schuko plug, length 2.2 m, section 3G1.5mm2
  • External illuminated main switch and internal C16A magnetothermic switch
  • On the side it has an additional external IP44 Schuko socket and a USB socket for connecting additional devices
  • Equipped with grounding cables
  • Sides equipped with sturdy handle for easier handling
  • Cabinet material: painted metal, 1.5 mm thick
  • Mobile charger and charging cables not included
  • Width: 700 mm
  • Depth: 650 mm
  • Height (without wheels): 1100 mm
  • Height (with wheels): 1250 mm
  • Internal height for each single shelf: 290 mm
  • Housing dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 360 x 290 mm
  • Power cable: 2.2 m with angled Schuko plug
  • Structure in 1.5 mm powder-coated steel
Package Contents
  • Professional Charging Station Trolley complete with plastic shelves
  • Wheels and side handles, power cable
  • 4 locking keys for front doors and rear panels

made in Italy

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