LOGILINK Cable Tester RJ11, RJ12 & RJ45, with remote unit (WZ0010)


850  ден


LOGILINK Cable Tester RJ11, RJ12 & RJ45, with remote unit (WZ0010)

Practical cable tester for telephone and network lines. The device checks all pairs of wires and detects errors such as open, short-circuited, crossed or twisted cable pairs as well as split pair errors within seconds. With the associated remote unit, a cable or line can also be checked after installation. The operation is simple, the clear display is via LEDs. A battery is not included.

  • For quickly testing network and telephone cables
  • Suitable for RJ45, RJ11 and RJ12 cables
  • Master and remote device with LED display
  • Tests continuity, miswiring, ground and short circuit
  • Tests 8P8C, 8P4C, 6P6C, 6P4C, 6P2C, 4P4C, 4P2C
  • Also checks cables that have already been installed
  • Automatic or manual scan
  • Requires a 9V battery, not included!
  • Handy device with a small bag
  • General product data:
  • Weight: 0.107kg
  • Height: 3cm
  • Width: 10cm
  • Length: 10.5 cm

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