LogiLink® Full HD Conference 1920x1080, USB webcam, 120 °, dual microphone, manual focus (UA0377)


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LogiLink® Conference Full HD 1920x1080, USB webcam, 120 °, dual microphone, manual focus (UA0377)

The perfect solution for your video conferencing! The UA0377 has a 120 ° ultra wide-angle lens, which ensures that all participants can be seen optimally in full HD resolution. It also has a high quality dual microphone that picks up everyone's voices. It has been specially optimized for crystal-clear conversations in the room and makes the sound purer and clearer. The 8-layer coated lens enables high-precision and distortion-free images; for smooth video playback. Even if you are in a dark environment, Low Light Compensation will adjust your exposure and produce bright images.

  • Manual focus
  • 120 ° ultra wide angle lens
  • Full HD resolution, 30 frames per second
  • Perfect for conferences with many people
  • Automatic correction in low light, automatic exposure (AE), automatic white balance (AWB), automatic flicker correction, color correction, gamma correction, compensation for dark areas, automatic edge enhancement
  • Noise-canceling dual microphone, 35 dB, high sensitivity
  • Tiltable -90 ° / + 0 °, rotatable -180 ° / + 180 °
  • Plug and play - no driver installation required
  • Versatile mounting options: LCD screens, laptops, desktops or tripods (not included)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. Supports Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, OBS, XSplit, Twitch and many other software programs
  • 8-layer coated lens, aperture f / 2.4, focal length 7 cm
  • Cable length: 1.6 m