Maxell Europe Ltd, Japan's Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. is a group of companies.

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. is a global leader in data storage media devices, including magnetic tapes, optical disks and batteries (rechargeable lithium-ion micro-batteries, etc.) in the production.Moreover, our company more than 50 years of experience in production of both individual and intended for industrial use recording equipment and energy products.

Since the 1960 founding of Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. acquired an international reputation through high quality and reliable products as well as power supply and digital recording technology development used in the portable, multimedia players played thanks to a pioneering role also earned a leading role in both domestic and foreign market in data storage devices and batteries.

Maxell activities began battery production, hence the name of the company, which is the first product, a dry-cell battery comes from the name of the first and last letters to form words 3-3. The name is an abbreviation of the following:

MAX imum capacity szárazc ELL in since its inception, the Maxell it represents high quality and reliability because of international reputation.

The technology, from its very appearance Maxell is one of the companies which led the way in alkaline batteries and in the development of Blu Ray discs camera. The Maxellnél we were always innovative products to its customers, thanks to the company became the world's leading memory, audio and video devices and distributor of batteries and accumulators.

Today we spent our company pioneer in battery provides with today's portable and multi-media tools power to develop the AIR VOLTAGE Wireless battery charger product family, the AirStash®-sal, the first and only one flash drive, wireless, multimedia players, storage devices, headphones, rewritable DVD -ékkel optical disc and re-writers.

The center of Maxell's business policy today consists of the following:

The market for individual customers:

  • Wireless chargers
  • Data Storage Devices
  • Accessories
  • media
  • Rechargeable batteries
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